Course Staff

Current Instructors

Michael Gazzola

I'm Mike, a senior in Computer Science with a minor in Math. This will be my third semester teaching this class now. I've loved every single bit of learning and teaching iOS over the past few semesters. I love to constantly learn new things, and I have a particular interest in operating systems and other low-level systems. Outside of academia, I enjoy gaming, indie music, the Steelers, and I'm an fervent fan of Chipotle. I'm really looking forward to turning you guys into awesome iOS developers.

Sally McNichols

Hey, my name is Sally McNichols, and I'm a sophomore in Computer Science. I took the iOS development StuCo in Spring 2014, and I'm thrilled to be part of the course staff this semester! I love how app development combines skills from many areas and not only Computer Science. It's a great way to utilize creativity and make something awesome. Since learning iOS development I've worked on apps for fun and for hackathons. When I'm not building apps I like to bike, listen to music, reddit, and participate in Habitat for Humanity. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Past Instructors

Tyler Hedrick

Personal Website:

Github: thedrick

Tyler was the original creator of this course back in Fall 2013. He graduated from CMU that same semester and is currently an iOS developer at Medium.

Sri Raghavan

Github: srir

Sri Raghavan co-taught the course in Spring 2014. He graduated from CMU that same semester and is currently a developer at Asana.